Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Washing makeup brushes

I normally wash my makeup brushes once a week using my old facial cleanser (spectro gel) that wasn't working for me. I figure if it's good enough for my face, it's good enough for the brushes that go on my face.

Well yesterday I am not sure why but I decided to use my shampoo on the brushes. I read about it online & it seems like one of the preferred methods for washing makeup brushes is actually using baby shampoo. So on a whim, I used my regular shampoo to wash the brushes & wow! It was gross. My spectro gel was not washing these guys well at all! So much gunk came out of my foundation brush. Maybe that's why the spectro gel wasn't working on my face either.

Once I am through the spectro gel (which I think may take another month or two), I may actually buy something specifically for cleaning my brushes or maybe a bottle of baby shampoo.


Fabulously Broke said...

For me, SpectroGel is a load of HOCK.

I tried it for a year or so, hoping it would get rid of my acne. It did NOT.

It barely cleaned my face, and it didn't help my acne from before. It only works on girls with pretty resilient very sensitive skin (not me).

I threw it out.

The only thing that worked on the cheap was Neutrogena's Facial foaming cleanser for $7.99 CAD.

I wouldn't buy extra makeup brush cleanser or soap, unless you have very expensive cleansers that cost too much to wash your makeup brushes in.

Ginger said...

I have a lot of makeup artist friends, and the best thing you can do is use a regular, moisturizing shampoo on your brushes.

Most of them are made from hair, after all. If it's good enough for your head, it's good enough for a brush! Don't bother buying any special baby shampoo, just use your normal one.

Just make sure that you lay them flat to dry and are very gentle with them while they're wet. Also don't get them wet above the metal part or the wooden handles will rot. Otherwise they'll last for years!

Rags2Riches said...

FB: The SpectroGel is definitely not going to be used to clean anything anymore. I am thinking of using it as my hand wash.

Ginger: You make a good point about brushes just being hair. I think I'll just continue to use my current shampoo on my brushes & see how that goes.