Sunday, February 22, 2009

Citi Mastercard Rebate 2008

I recieved a $166 cash back rebate from my lovely Amex card earlier this year for my 2008 spending. For all the places that refused to take my amex, I used my citi enrich mastercard which gives users a 1% cash back on all purchases made. Well I just got my rebate for 2008 and it's $23 which means I put about $2300 on the card. Not much but not bad for not doing anything additional.

Adding up my Amex purchases & Citi purchases brings me to a total of about $14,000 put just on credit card for 2008! Wow, if you asked me how much I spent in a year on my credit card, I would have never guessed $14,000. I would've certainly quoted a lower number. I guess that's why people encourage tracking & budgeting. It helps you realize just how much you spend.