Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cell phone drama pt 2

So I wasted my time again thinking rogers would be able to help. Nope, it's going to cost me $400 dollars to cancel. That's about 9 more months of paying at my current rate which isn't worth it despite their horrible customer service. So I have to wait patiently for 3 more years & give them the cancel call. The hard thing I have to do is make no changes to my plan so I don't unknowingly get another 3 years added on. This will be very hard to do.


Ginger said...

Did you speak to someone in customer retention? They're the only ones who can actually give you something.

Don't say you WANT or WILL cancel because then you're slapped with those fees. Instead say that you are CONSIDERING cancelling and would like to work something out.

Explain the situation calmly and factually, then tell them that you would like to have X, Y and Z done to your account, WITHOUT extending your contract. They'll go back and forth with you a bit, but if it's a reasonable request then you'll probably get it.

Document everything and ask them for their employee ID and name before you start the conversation. If they know you're serious, they won't jerk you around quite as much.

Then, check your account very closely every month after for a while to ensure that they're sticking to what they promised you. That's the problem I'm having right now, I have to keep going back and "reminding them" that I'm not supposed to be paying for my extras, then I get a credit. If only they could just do it on their own...

Woah. This got really long. Sorry!