Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair & OPI Mini Merries

I decided to get my hair cut at The Bay. That's right The Bay. I am not picky on where I get my hair cut. I've done everything from hair schools to super pricey places and I've had both good and bad experiences. It's really about the person cutting your hair and not the place.

The Bay happened to be the first place I stepped into at the mall so I decided why not check out their salon. The cut cost $30 and can I say I am super happy with it! I was expecting a so-so hair cut...I don't know why I even went in with low expectations but I was so overdue for a haircut that pretty much anything would have done. Well the lady that cut my hair did an amazing job. I was so happy with it that I even asked her for her business card because I would definitely go back to her. Good hair stylists that know how to work with my hair are hard to come by.

While at The Bay, I noticed a half off table and I found this mini opi collection for half off! $7 total for 4 mini bottles whereas you can buy one full sized bottle for $12+ at Sephora. I love the mini size of it because I have countless bottles of half finished nail polishes. This summer, I am banning myself from buying any new polishes! There were still a couple of boxes left so if you want this, head on down to The Bay. They also had other half off deals but didn't strike my fancy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Frills Dollar Sale

If you haven't done your grocery shopping for the week yet, check out No Frills and their current dollar sale. I stocked up on grapes, spinach and mushrooms. I was tempted by their Bagel Bites and McCain cakes but I am trying my bestest to stay healthy and didn't grab any of those. I was really tempted by the Bagel Bites and even put one in my cart but after reading the nutrition label, I put them back. I'd rather eat something more sinful for those empty calories!

Because I have bags of spinach in my fridge waiting to be used, up for tonight are some Spinach Brownies. I wanted to make spanakopita but am too lazy to mess around with phyllo dough so I searched for a bit and found the spinach brownies which seem similar.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I almost forgot how winter driving really is...

An hour at most commute home took two hours. I got home safely so I can't complain as I saw lots of folks stuck with their blinkers on.

I am debating taking it easy tomorrow morning or heading to work a little late or even working from home to avoid spending another 2 hours commuting. I could be working or better yet watching the olympics at that time! I love the olympics. GO CANADA!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retail Therapy

I went to the mall with some of my new found cash and bought some things using the excuse that I was gearing up for spring. I also just went through my wardrobe this weekend and packed up a bag full of clothes to donate to goodwill which means closet space for some new digs and less guilt seeing an over flowing closet.

First up is a shawl sweater from Costa Blanca on sale for $20. I love shawl sweaters because they are comfy and......have I mentioned they're comfy?

Next is a tunicy type top similar to below to wear with tights! I am giving into the tights trend. I am not a fan of tights and think it's ridiculous that girls think tights=pants but I loved this tunic and feel it's too short to wear as a dress but at the same time too long and flowy to wear as a top. Dilema! I couldn't resist as the top was only $10! So tights wins unless I can think of a creative wear to wear this without subjecting the world to too much skin.

Finally, I got two sports bras on sale at Aerie. I am really digging aerie. At first I thought it was just a trendy little store for tweens but I was very impressed with a sports bra that I bought there last year that I decided to go back for more. It helps that it was on sale and they gave me a gift card that has a minimum of $10 for a future purchase and a free undie!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lovers Day

I am not a big proponent of doing something big for valentines day. After all you should be lovey and dovey all year long right? Yesterday I walked into Hallmark to buy something for a friend totally unrelated to valentines day and walked out. It was packed with all the last minute VDay shoppers! No thank you.

The bf and I are planning on cooking some dinner together and watching the Olympics which is something we would have done anyways.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Double Ms: Miscellany Moneys

  1. Once I recieved my MBNA smart cash card in July 2009, I stopped using my Citi Mastercard completely. I kept it around because you recieve your rebate at the end of the year and cancelling the card means you forfiet any rebates earned. I got my rebate cheque in the mail the other day for a grand total of ~$10 which $10 more than I had before for doing something I would normally be doing anyways. Then I promptly called up Citi & canceled my card. I am a credit card whore, what can I say.

  2. I redeemed for another $5 gift card from swagbucks. I have no idea what I am going to get there but I am going to keep redeeming and adding the cash onto my account. I figure one day, I'll see something I really like & get it.

  3. I spent a whopping $10 buying some accessories for my new phone (car charger, car mount and case) from china and when I logged into my paypal account, I realized I had $36 sitting there from random reward programs I participate in! Sweet! Also sweet that these accessories would have cost a lot more at BestBuy, ect.

  4. I got a $50 giftcard from work for being awesome. I like to think I was being awesome but the truth is somebody called me out for going above & beyond my role so no complaints from me! It was something I wasn't expecting at all so I am happy. I am going to splurge and buy myself something nice with this one. Clothes more than likely...possibly for working out since I've been a little gung ho about it lately.

A grand total of ~$100 that unexpectedly came my way! Cha Ching!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Body Attack

So almost everybody is watching the SuperBowl except for me. Sports and me don't get along. The only thing I find semi interesting is tennis and that is because my parents would always watch it when I was growing up and I think developed a fondness for it from that.

I went to BodyAttack today morning and I am feeling a little sore/weak from it. I've done the class a few times already but I normally choose to do the easier options for some of the moves. Today, I tried my best to do the harder options for all the moves and it was amazing! I love getting my heart pounding and keeping up with some of the guys! Let's hope I am still this gung ho for the gym a month from now.

My goal is to fit comfortably into my normal aka skinny pants again by the start of the summer and move away from my 'fat' pants. I've told myself that once I get back into the pants I was wearing last summer, I am going to treat myself to some Lululemon gear. What better reward for a fitness goal?