Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retail Therapy

I went to the mall with some of my new found cash and bought some things using the excuse that I was gearing up for spring. I also just went through my wardrobe this weekend and packed up a bag full of clothes to donate to goodwill which means closet space for some new digs and less guilt seeing an over flowing closet.

First up is a shawl sweater from Costa Blanca on sale for $20. I love shawl sweaters because they are comfy and......have I mentioned they're comfy?

Next is a tunicy type top similar to below to wear with tights! I am giving into the tights trend. I am not a fan of tights and think it's ridiculous that girls think tights=pants but I loved this tunic and feel it's too short to wear as a dress but at the same time too long and flowy to wear as a top. Dilema! I couldn't resist as the top was only $10! So tights wins unless I can think of a creative wear to wear this without subjecting the world to too much skin.

Finally, I got two sports bras on sale at Aerie. I am really digging aerie. At first I thought it was just a trendy little store for tweens but I was very impressed with a sports bra that I bought there last year that I decided to go back for more. It helps that it was on sale and they gave me a gift card that has a minimum of $10 for a future purchase and a free undie!