Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair & OPI Mini Merries

I decided to get my hair cut at The Bay. That's right The Bay. I am not picky on where I get my hair cut. I've done everything from hair schools to super pricey places and I've had both good and bad experiences. It's really about the person cutting your hair and not the place.

The Bay happened to be the first place I stepped into at the mall so I decided why not check out their salon. The cut cost $30 and can I say I am super happy with it! I was expecting a so-so hair cut...I don't know why I even went in with low expectations but I was so overdue for a haircut that pretty much anything would have done. Well the lady that cut my hair did an amazing job. I was so happy with it that I even asked her for her business card because I would definitely go back to her. Good hair stylists that know how to work with my hair are hard to come by.

While at The Bay, I noticed a half off table and I found this mini opi collection for half off! $7 total for 4 mini bottles whereas you can buy one full sized bottle for $12+ at Sephora. I love the mini size of it because I have countless bottles of half finished nail polishes. This summer, I am banning myself from buying any new polishes! There were still a couple of boxes left so if you want this, head on down to The Bay. They also had other half off deals but didn't strike my fancy.


Marz said...

Oooo, I should try out The Bay salon, thank you!
Which Bay did you end up going to if you don't mind me asking?

Rags2Riches said...

I went to the Scarborough Town Centre location. Most of the other stylists I saw in there had good hair on their shoulders if that helps.

So Very Fabulous said...

Maybe I should try the Bay for my next hair cut. I always go all over the place from mid to higher end and I'm never wowed. I might as well save some money and try there! And I can check out the clearance items while I'm at it. :)