Saturday, April 14, 2012

Making strides

I used to run daily about five years ago.  I wanted to loose weight and didn't know much about fitness so I would do as much cardio as I could.  My knees would hurt every day but I kept doing it.  Eventually I got too busy with school and stopped.  Now I am older and wiser.  I try and do 1 session of cardio and 1 session of weights a week if I can manage it.  Some weeks I do more, others I do less but I try not to beat myeslf up over it.  I do curse myself when I am trying to do something after a long break and I find it hard because I've already lost the strength I worked hard to get.

Yesterday, I ran on the treadmill since it was still a little cold out there and was able to do 12 mins @ 6.5 & 18 mins @ 7 and the usual 5min warmup and 5 min cool down.  Considering I would 'run' @ 5 before and think I was doing well for myself, I am happy with my little accomplishment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calming my skin down

I've been using dermatologist prescribed Tactuo gel which is Canadas version of the Epiduo gel for about half a year nightly on top of lotion.  I figured after half a year, I could now transition to using it first and then putting the lotion on after.

Since I stopped taking my anti biotics, I've been seeing breakouts again though not quite at the level if I wasn't using the Tactuo gel.  I figured if I transitioned to using the Tactuo gel first, it would be more effective.  Well it could be more effective but boy was my face not ready for it.  My face is a red mess right now after about a week of using it first.  I am trying to calm it down without completely stopping the Tactuo gel because I felt like it was helping my acne.  I am also holding off on trying my new foundations till my skin calms down.  Cross your fingers for me...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

MAC face & body woes

I wrote earlier that I purchased a few new foundations to try out.  I don't think face & body is going to make the cut.  It has good buildable coverage but you really need to build it.  And I think I am aggravating my face with all the 'building' I am doing.  Being on Tactuo has made my face extra sensitive and my face has been extra red this past week.  On top of that, I look like a super oil slick by the end of the day.  I want to try it a few more times before returning it but my impressions after a week of use is this isn't for me. 

I am also a little nervous about returning a used product to MAC.  I did ask before I purchased it and they told me it wouldn't be a problem returning the product w/in 30days if it didn't work for me but I've never done this before.  I feel a little guilty returning something that I used but I don't want to force myself to use something that isn't working for me.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tips for the gym

I am all for cute outfits @ the gym.  I shamelessly admit I have spent more than I should at Lulu but please do not wear pants that show your asscrack.  It's one thing when you squat and your ass shows, it's another thing when you start running or do any sort of movement and your pants start drooping & your ass shows.  Worse is when you decide to be at the front of the class and everybody behind you is subjected to it. 

Yup, that's my little rant...

Friday, April 6, 2012

More skinny cravings

I don't normally shop at Zara.  While I've always liked their clothing, for some reason I always thought it was pricey and wouldn't bother going in there.  Yesterday I was at The Eaton Center with time to kill before meeting a friend and went in.  I was surprised at how reasonably priced they were.  Not quite H&M but probably cheaper than Banana Republic.

While roaming the store, they added to my skinny jeans/pants wants that I am looking for this summer.  They had a pair of leggings with two zippers on them similar to the F21 post below but not in my size :(  I liked it so much that I stopped by Fairview on my way home to see if they had it but no luck there as well.  Guess it wasn't meant to be.  Here are a few other things that caught my eye....
If only I was ballsy enough to wear white pants

Wish this came in the material as the white pants so I could wear it to work

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ANTM British Invasion

It's a little embarrassing but yes, I still watch Americas Next Top Model.  I actually tried watching an episode earlier this season but couldn't sit through the whole episode.  I thought I finally kicked the habbit but like a true addict, I caught myself watching another episode.  They were at Toronto's Fashion Week so it was pretty interesting to watch and recognize places.  i.e. their photo shoot was in the Distillery District....In true Tyra style, the shoot was tacky as ever with maple leafs stuck over their naughty bits with maple syrup poured over them.  Really who still takes this show seriously?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Want: Bright Colored Skinnys

Each season, I buy a few trendy pieces that I dig.  Typically I don't spend much because I don't know if I'll want it for more than a season.  If it's something I see myself wearing several seasons, I have no problem spending the money.  But bright colored skinnys aren't something I am sure I'll wear long term.  Either way, I am itching for a pair or two.

I also have a weakness for zippers and cheapness so I think I might get the one pictured above from Forever 21.  At $34, it's something I can fit into my budget.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Foundations

OK, so I went a little crazy shopping.  I am almost out of my Revlon Color Stay Foundation and wanted to try something different.  The MAC Face & Body as well as Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation have been getting good reviews so I went ahead and purchased them.  I got the Estee Lauders Double Wear in Bronze and Macs Face and Body in C9.  They are both a little dark for me at the moment but I figure with summer coming, would be a better to get a shade a little darker.  I can get away with them as it is but hoping it will be perfect once the suns out.  My only concern with MAC is that it might break me out.  I remember using their Sudio Fix foundation years ago and stopping because it broke me out.  Hoping Face and Body doesn't end up in the same category.  

Murale was having a promo where you got almost $20 in optimum points free if you spent $75 so I added a Stila concealer and Tweezerman Tweezers to the mix.  Based on only using the concealer and tweezers once, I love them both.  Especially the tweezers!  It's amazing what a difference a quality, sharpened tweezers makes.