Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calming my skin down

I've been using dermatologist prescribed Tactuo gel which is Canadas version of the Epiduo gel for about half a year nightly on top of lotion.  I figured after half a year, I could now transition to using it first and then putting the lotion on after.

Since I stopped taking my anti biotics, I've been seeing breakouts again though not quite at the level if I wasn't using the Tactuo gel.  I figured if I transitioned to using the Tactuo gel first, it would be more effective.  Well it could be more effective but boy was my face not ready for it.  My face is a red mess right now after about a week of using it first.  I am trying to calm it down without completely stopping the Tactuo gel because I felt like it was helping my acne.  I am also holding off on trying my new foundations till my skin calms down.  Cross your fingers for me...