Friday, April 6, 2012

More skinny cravings

I don't normally shop at Zara.  While I've always liked their clothing, for some reason I always thought it was pricey and wouldn't bother going in there.  Yesterday I was at The Eaton Center with time to kill before meeting a friend and went in.  I was surprised at how reasonably priced they were.  Not quite H&M but probably cheaper than Banana Republic.

While roaming the store, they added to my skinny jeans/pants wants that I am looking for this summer.  They had a pair of leggings with two zippers on them similar to the F21 post below but not in my size :(  I liked it so much that I stopped by Fairview on my way home to see if they had it but no luck there as well.  Guess it wasn't meant to be.  Here are a few other things that caught my eye....
If only I was ballsy enough to wear white pants

Wish this came in the material as the white pants so I could wear it to work