Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TV date night

  1. Final season of Lost
  2. Final season of The Hills

This is all I need in my life right now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boy Short swim bottoms spotted @ Joe Fresh

I only ever wear boyshort swim bottoms when it comes to swim wear. I can't do bikini bottoms. They make me uncomfortable and erk me out. I like them on other people, just not me. Call it my insecurities if you want. The thing is, I have no problem wearing a super skimpy top. Go figure....

These guys are pretty hard to find though, so normally when I find a pair that fits nicely, I fork over $ for it because I don't dare wait for them to go on sale. Chances are the colour & size I want is almost always gone by the time sales come around. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a pair at Joe Fresh recently @ less than $20. I can't remember the exact price but I remember trying to make a mental note. They only had a navy blue one when I was at the store but said they were hoping to get other colors shortly. If I see a black one in stock, I'll definitely be buying one!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spending cravings....

I remember this time last year, I was heavy into makeup & clothes, gearing up for the summer season. This year, it's not doing it for me. I still like makeup and clothes but the thought of going out & buying more doesn't really excite me which is a great thing. My credit card bills lately have been reasonable and I don't have any big surprises bill time.

Soo what have I been into lately. Food!! I was at Costco this weekend and they had a fancy smancy salad spinner for $20 and I actually debated forking over the cash for it! It would be a ridiculous splurge. I normally only make a salad for one so that's why I backed off the spinner. Tell me I am not crazy to want a $20 salad spinner....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara Review

I used to be a Cover Girl Lash Blast girl. No other mascara would do and then I tried Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara after Lotus had blogged about it being on sale @ PharmaPlus a while back. No longer a Lash Blast girl, Rimmel Sexy Curves is now my go to mascara. Since I liked the Sexy Curves one so much, I figured I'd try out another Rimmel Mascara. This time I went with their Glam'Eyes Mascara which promised volume.

My feelings: I like it but I don't love it. First & foremost for volume, this is not the mascara I would go with. I found I had to apply several layers and even then I didn't quite get the effect I desired. It did do an amazing job separating and defining the lashes. Also while my eyelashes would look great after application, a few hours later, I found my eyelashes weren't perky as it was right after the application. One of the reasons I like Rimmels Sexy Curves mascara is because it holds the curl in virtually all day for me. Another con with this mascara is, I found it a pain to remove. Almost like a waterproof mascara. If I wanted waterproof, I'd buy waterproof!

The verdict? It's good but not for what it's supposed to do. If you want a mascara that separates and doesn't clump, then this is your mascara. For volume, stay away. I'll keep using this mascara till it dries out but would not buy again. The packaging is super cute though!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Body Pumping

I am still going strong at the gym. I haven’t lost tons of weight but boy am I stronger and my endurance is up! I am happy to say I can do a 5k comfortably. This summer however, I want to do my first 10k! The thing is if I am not careful, I am going to put myself out of running. If I run several times a week, my knee hurts the following day. I’ve cut it down to once a week and have debated getting running sleeves because I enjoy running and it seems like the easy way to lose weight. Improving endurance and running much longer is great but without getting stronger, I am hurting myself in the long run. I am weak! Super weak and I hate it. I am not afraid of doing weights, I just can’t lift much…..yet! One of my least favorite things to do on my own is weights. I quit way before I should and don’t push myself. If I ever got a personal trainer, I’d have him focus on weights. I’ve got the cardio down.

Enter my new favorite class, second to Body Attack is Body Pump. It’s a class with weight bearing exercises that target all the major muscle groups. I was super apprehensive to go to a class. I’ve never used a barbell before and had no idea how to even set one up. I went early to my first class and the instructor was super nice & told me what to do. I struggled and found some of the exercises hard, even with a really low weight. Sure enough, the next day I was in pain and in love. Now I aim to go @least once a week to this class if not more and just upped my weights a little yesterday! Woo!