Wednesday, November 26, 2008

holding on to the savings

I've told myself to not move anymore money into my questrade account for another month. I feel like if I move it, I will be tempted to buy. & it's not that I am against buying. My fear is that stocks may go down even more before they get better. I mean I thought a month or two ago was the best time to buy & look @ me now. I do have faith, things will pick up but only if I had a magic 8 ball that told me when.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My clarisonic brush has arrived!!!

So I finally got the brush. The $200 brush & it's charging right now. I have to wait for 24hrs before I can use it. Crossing my fingers that I made a value purchase.

On the to-do for tonight is a manicure by myself. I've gotten decent @ giving myself a french manicure. It's good for those nights I feel like being extra girly & don't want to spend the money on nails.

Also in other news, I am way overdue for getting my haircut & not quite sure what to do. Should I wait & go to the Aveda academy & get it cut or go to a salon & do it. The Aveda Academy is the cheaper route but it's all the way downtown & time consuming which I am not sure I have much of.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Canadian Tire Gas > Petro Canada

So for years I've been pumping at Petro Canada but now w/ the help of Great Canadian Rebates it seems like Candian Tire Gas Bars are a great deal. For a limited time, you get 5% cash back through Great Canadian Rebates, plus I get another 2% cash back from my credit card. & it seems like you can get some Canadian Tire money from it too. I don't really know how that quite works yet as this is my first foray into Candian Tire Gas bars. But for the price, I couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gas Prices & investing

Gas prices are set to go down to under 80c tomorrow to a whopping 79.3c! I also have the fuel savings card from Petro Canada which saves 5c savings card from petro canada which deducts 5c per litre up to 200L. Well it's safe to say I'll be pumping some gas tomorrow.

I've been hesitating looking @ how my stocks are doing knowing it's plumetted. I am down ~23%. Sucks considering I only started investing a few months ago. But it could be worse considering I know people that are down more & they have been in the market for years. But I still try to stay firm in the idea that now is the best time to buy. I just bought a small amount of Shoppers Drug Mart shares. I love Shoppers Drug Mart. It was actually the first stock I wanted to own but I held off because it was expensive & when i started investing, the Canadian dollar was doing well so I bought US stocks. But now w/ the dollar @ .83c I decided to stick w/ Canadian stocks so when shoppers fell below $45, I decided to take the plunge.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

big purchase

So I've wanted the clarisonic for almost half a year but resisted the urge to purchase due to its hefty price tag. Well I finally gave in & dolled out a whopping ~$200 for a electric brush for my face! Ridiculous right? What made me finally dive & take the plunge?
  • I've been lusting for it for over half a year. With normal large purchases, after a month I completely forget about it meaning I really didn't need it after all. But this I still want & I don't think it will ever go away till I try it.
  • I've spent far more on skincare before. Fact is I don't have the greatest skin and when you add up all the money I've spent on skin care, it would probably be far more than $200. Now that I've finally found something that semi-works with my skin, I haven't been spending all those extra $ on trying new things. In terms of cleanser, lotion & all that, I am done & sticking w/ my current routine. & it's way cheaper than what I used.
  • It's gotten rave reviews all over the place & i feel like it may help.
  • Finally, it's resale value is still fairly high should I not like it and decide to sell it.
  • Sephora finally started offering it in Canada which would mean I'd save on shipping charges. But turns out I still got a better deal on ebay & I got the pro version. tsk, tsk sephora.
  • I've been good w/ my spending this month & felt I could budget it in.
So those are all the reasons I've told myself so I could sleep at night ;) Now only if this damned thing would show up in my mail so I can start using it & see if it lives up to all its hype.