Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the season

I don't really celebrate Christmas but I still dig the season. Why? Typically everybody is in a happy mood, making my life easier. I am getting out of town for a few days and coming back next week to enjoy a few days at home before 2011.

I won't be here for boxing day but am planning on checking in online to see if I can snag some boxing day deals. As much as I love clothes, this boxing day, I am actually looking to buy some electronics I've had on my mind so,, ect. I hope you have good deals online.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I splurged

and bought DiorShow Iconic mascara! I like my current drugstore mascara but everybody and their mother loves DiorShow and curiosity killed this cat. The price kept me away but I got a $15 off $40 coupon from Sephora and I thought why not.

I meant to buy the original DiorShow mascara but somehow ended up with the Iconic variety. It claims to curl and I tried it out today and I like it. It seperates my lashes so well! But how do you guys wash your mascara off? I am struggling to get the mascara off my lashes without losing any along the way.

Will report after wearing it longer if I love it and would buy at its regular price of $31! eek, just typing that made me cringe.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time Flies....

Half a year since my last post. I don't think anybody even reads this thing anymore....

What happened? Well I started getting paranoid about writing posts. At that time, I really wanted to blog about looking for a new job and things happening with my family but I got paranoid about people figuring me out and decided to keep things to myself. Without wanting to write about what was going on in my life made me feel like I had nothing to write about for a few weeks. A few weeks turned into a month and then 2 months and then I kind of forgot about this thing. I still read the blogs I follow on my google reader but I was no longer excited about writing posts hence the lul. So I am back for now. Got a bit of a writing bug and I also have time now that it's close to Christmas and I am taking things easy.

What's happened in the last half year?
  1. I got promoted at work! but I just mentioned earlier I was looking to leave! What gives? The thing is I was doing work, etc. that was not part of my job description and really the role of a level that was above me. It frustrated me that I didn't have the correct title & recognition and I made it known. I got answers that they were doing the best they could to make everything right but nothing was really changing so I started looking elsewhere to leave. Well a few months ago, I got called into my bosses office and he told me I was finally getting promoted and would have the right title, salary and recognition. I am still doing the same thing I was a year ago which tells me that I should have gotten promoted a year ago like I had asked for. What have I learned? Corporations wouldn't think twice about doing what's best for the company and I shouldn't feel any different. Earlier in the year when I was looking elsewhere for a new job because I felt bad and guilty about it because I like my boss and coworkers but at the end of the day, I was being taken advantage of and I shouldn't have felt bad about it. I am still early in my career and I chalk this up as a learning experience.
  2. I lost ~10lbs! I remember posting on here when I first joined the gym. Well it's taken a lot of work but I am now about 10lbs lighter and back to my old clothes! I still want to loose another 5 and I'll be super happy but being able to fit into my old clothes feels good again. It was easy staying in shape in the warmer months. Now that it's cold, I want to hibernate in my house all the time and I need to keep motivating myself to bear the coldness and make it to the gym.
Speaking of the gym, it's time for me to get ready to go there.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Iron Man 2

I had a chance to watch Iron Man 2 and it was everything I expected it to be. Funny, full of action and celebrities. Very satisfying to see a movie that lives up to it's expectations. If you watched the first one, you know that there's an extra scene after the credits so stick around! If you miss it, google it and you can find it online.

To top it off, we ate at the food court before instead of going to a restaurant and it was quite satisfying. I love me, my Taco Bell ;)

I also got around to knocking out one of my to-do's. I deposited the chqs and started phase 1 of getting my car cleaned. Take that!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You always get what you always do

Yesterday I was doing my normal blog reading and read this post on motivation. One of the commenters shared this motivational quote "you always get what you always get, if you always do what you always do" and it triggered something in me because I am that person that procrastinates and pushes things off to the last possible minute. I've made great strides and am not as bad as I used to be but old habits die hard and lately I feel like I've been in a rut. During the day, I have these great ideas and thoughts of things I am going to accomplish but I get home and it becomes the last thing I want to do. i.e. I've thought about cleaning my car for the last few months but have yet to do it!

So I decided to make some declarations and then go out and do it! Above are my mini goals for May 2010. I might not accomplish all of them but I am going to try to work towards all of them because the quote above is so true. Nothing is going to happen if all I do is sit on my ass and do what I always do. 3 of the 5 things I want to do are things I've been putting off for the longest time (clean car, deposit chqs and fill out health expenses) but also really easy to get outta the way. Running a 10k in under an hour needs a little bit of work and so does getting a new job.

It may seem like I am being optimistic by putting 'land a new job' on there and expect it to happen this month but I've actually been looking for a while even though I haven't written about it and have an interview coming up that I feel is mine to loose. I want to make sure I put my best foot forward and prepare accordingly. Maybe the goal should have read, go into the interview 100% prepared but I am too lazy to recreate the picture.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pleasantly surprised w/ Sephora Lash Plumper

So as mentioned in my previous post, I went and picked up my birthday gift from Sephora. Well I gave the Sephora Lash Plumper mascara in black a go today and I was impressed. When I first pulled the wand out, I set myself up for dissapointment. Ever since Cover Girls Lash Blast, I've only used mascaras with rubberized wands since they do an amazing job of seperating. Well surprisingly, the Sephora mascara did just fine. It seperated and perked up my lashes. I can't say it plumped them up as claimed but I only did one coat. For work, I like to keep it at one coat and when I want drama, I do several. I am sure if I did several coats, it'd plump up fine and dandy.

Well I just got home from work and the lashes are still perked and seperated. Best of all, no flakes. The downside? At $18, I probably wouldn't buy it again because you can find similar results from drugstore products or even splurge and get DiorShow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Musings because I can't write a full post

  • If you want to read an inspirational story, go here. It's the story of an Iranian woman who turned her experience which lead her to receive 40 lashes into a positive one. I have a short attention span and read the whole article. You will too!
  • I went to Sephora and picked up my birthday gift. It's an eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. So much better than last years mini glosses which I still have sitting pretty much unused in my drawer.
  • I am still going strong with the gym. Since introducing Body Pump into my routine, I've noticed I am much stronger. When I wear sleeveless shirts, I am a dork who can't stop feeling up her biceps because I can feel the muscle where as it was all flab before!
  • I realized that rely on spell checkers a little too much. My grammar on the other hard is tolerable.
  • Work blows!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TV date night

  1. Final season of Lost
  2. Final season of The Hills

This is all I need in my life right now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boy Short swim bottoms spotted @ Joe Fresh

I only ever wear boyshort swim bottoms when it comes to swim wear. I can't do bikini bottoms. They make me uncomfortable and erk me out. I like them on other people, just not me. Call it my insecurities if you want. The thing is, I have no problem wearing a super skimpy top. Go figure....

These guys are pretty hard to find though, so normally when I find a pair that fits nicely, I fork over $ for it because I don't dare wait for them to go on sale. Chances are the colour & size I want is almost always gone by the time sales come around. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a pair at Joe Fresh recently @ less than $20. I can't remember the exact price but I remember trying to make a mental note. They only had a navy blue one when I was at the store but said they were hoping to get other colors shortly. If I see a black one in stock, I'll definitely be buying one!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spending cravings....

I remember this time last year, I was heavy into makeup & clothes, gearing up for the summer season. This year, it's not doing it for me. I still like makeup and clothes but the thought of going out & buying more doesn't really excite me which is a great thing. My credit card bills lately have been reasonable and I don't have any big surprises bill time.

Soo what have I been into lately. Food!! I was at Costco this weekend and they had a fancy smancy salad spinner for $20 and I actually debated forking over the cash for it! It would be a ridiculous splurge. I normally only make a salad for one so that's why I backed off the spinner. Tell me I am not crazy to want a $20 salad spinner....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara Review

I used to be a Cover Girl Lash Blast girl. No other mascara would do and then I tried Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara after Lotus had blogged about it being on sale @ PharmaPlus a while back. No longer a Lash Blast girl, Rimmel Sexy Curves is now my go to mascara. Since I liked the Sexy Curves one so much, I figured I'd try out another Rimmel Mascara. This time I went with their Glam'Eyes Mascara which promised volume.

My feelings: I like it but I don't love it. First & foremost for volume, this is not the mascara I would go with. I found I had to apply several layers and even then I didn't quite get the effect I desired. It did do an amazing job separating and defining the lashes. Also while my eyelashes would look great after application, a few hours later, I found my eyelashes weren't perky as it was right after the application. One of the reasons I like Rimmels Sexy Curves mascara is because it holds the curl in virtually all day for me. Another con with this mascara is, I found it a pain to remove. Almost like a waterproof mascara. If I wanted waterproof, I'd buy waterproof!

The verdict? It's good but not for what it's supposed to do. If you want a mascara that separates and doesn't clump, then this is your mascara. For volume, stay away. I'll keep using this mascara till it dries out but would not buy again. The packaging is super cute though!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Body Pumping

I am still going strong at the gym. I haven’t lost tons of weight but boy am I stronger and my endurance is up! I am happy to say I can do a 5k comfortably. This summer however, I want to do my first 10k! The thing is if I am not careful, I am going to put myself out of running. If I run several times a week, my knee hurts the following day. I’ve cut it down to once a week and have debated getting running sleeves because I enjoy running and it seems like the easy way to lose weight. Improving endurance and running much longer is great but without getting stronger, I am hurting myself in the long run. I am weak! Super weak and I hate it. I am not afraid of doing weights, I just can’t lift much…..yet! One of my least favorite things to do on my own is weights. I quit way before I should and don’t push myself. If I ever got a personal trainer, I’d have him focus on weights. I’ve got the cardio down.

Enter my new favorite class, second to Body Attack is Body Pump. It’s a class with weight bearing exercises that target all the major muscle groups. I was super apprehensive to go to a class. I’ve never used a barbell before and had no idea how to even set one up. I went early to my first class and the instructor was super nice & told me what to do. I struggled and found some of the exercises hard, even with a really low weight. Sure enough, the next day I was in pain and in love. Now I aim to go @least once a week to this class if not more and just upped my weights a little yesterday! Woo!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enjoy your green beers safely!

Happy St. Pattys day. I am just about to head out for round two of green beers! Be safe and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ROM visit ahead....

On the agenda for this week is a visit to the ROM. Admission is half price after 4:30 during March Break and since I’d be working till 5pm anyways, me & the bf are going to take advantage later this week! I’ve only been to the ROM once since they upgraded to the crystal and I wasn’t impressed. Most of the building was blocked of the last time I went…it’s possible they weren’t completely done with their renovations but nobody told us this when we went in so I felt a little ripped off.

Is it bad that I think I’d enjoy 90% of the programs offered for kids at the ROM?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lowest Credit Card Bill Yet

Not sure what it is but this billing cycle has been my lowest with my amex card in practically forever --> Less than $400! Normally I easily average double that a month.

Not sure what it is but lately I haven't been spending too much on random things. Also my grocery bills haven't been too crazy and I have a huge credit with Rogers which results in me not having to pay them for a few months. The best is I haven't cut down on the social activities which I always thought was the root of my spending issues.

I am itching to travel somewhere so this low bill may not last for long!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tax Season=Broke Season

This year I finally decided to get my ass into gear and start investing in my RRSPs! I've been out of uni for a good 2 years now and felt at first I needed to establish myself and a savings account before considering locking some money away for good so I hadn't put any money into my RRSPs prior to this year.

After having to pay the man back last year, I decided it was time to open up an RRSP and start putting some money away! I had lots of contribution room and I put in 27% of this years salary in my RRSP and I still have more room to spare! My money went into some indexes because I still don't know much about investing.

I have another 'fun' investing in stocks account where I do what I want and invest in stocks I like or think will do well. This type of carelessness has no place in my RRSP. My RRSP is for sitting there and growing w/out me looking at it.

With lots of contribution left, I am hoping to dump another significant amount of money into it for 2010. The downside is, my savings account is close nilch for the time being.
Go here and fill out the form if you want some free splenda! As of now there are 3,792 left. I've done this before and it's totally legit and the freebie comes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Summer Lovin

It's not quite the summer but I am loving this tease mother nature is throwing at us. I wore some flats w/out socks to celebrate!

I am even debating setting up an appointment for a pedicure. @ the start of the season, I like getting a pedi to ring in the summer and make sure don't scare the world. I have pretty ugly feet so this is the least I can do.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now that the olympics are over

I feel like there is this big TV void.

I've started watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and I love it! I am amazed by these peoples excessiveness but secretly I am jealous of it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mini workout accomplishment

So my running really blows when winter comes around. I try to stay dedicated but always end up loosing motivation with running at home. Now that I've joined the gym, I've been sticking to running @least once a week on the dreadmill. My goal for the last few weeks has been to get back to running for 30mins without having to stop. Last Friday, I plugged into the Olympics and did 30mins @ 5.5!

Woo! 10k in the summer, here I come! I am also trying to change up my treadmill work outs with intervals, ect. I'd love to run my first 10k in under an hour. Actually, I'd love to run my first 10k without having to take any walking breaks. Running under an hour would be the icing on top.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair & OPI Mini Merries

I decided to get my hair cut at The Bay. That's right The Bay. I am not picky on where I get my hair cut. I've done everything from hair schools to super pricey places and I've had both good and bad experiences. It's really about the person cutting your hair and not the place.

The Bay happened to be the first place I stepped into at the mall so I decided why not check out their salon. The cut cost $30 and can I say I am super happy with it! I was expecting a so-so hair cut...I don't know why I even went in with low expectations but I was so overdue for a haircut that pretty much anything would have done. Well the lady that cut my hair did an amazing job. I was so happy with it that I even asked her for her business card because I would definitely go back to her. Good hair stylists that know how to work with my hair are hard to come by.

While at The Bay, I noticed a half off table and I found this mini opi collection for half off! $7 total for 4 mini bottles whereas you can buy one full sized bottle for $12+ at Sephora. I love the mini size of it because I have countless bottles of half finished nail polishes. This summer, I am banning myself from buying any new polishes! There were still a couple of boxes left so if you want this, head on down to The Bay. They also had other half off deals but didn't strike my fancy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Frills Dollar Sale

If you haven't done your grocery shopping for the week yet, check out No Frills and their current dollar sale. I stocked up on grapes, spinach and mushrooms. I was tempted by their Bagel Bites and McCain cakes but I am trying my bestest to stay healthy and didn't grab any of those. I was really tempted by the Bagel Bites and even put one in my cart but after reading the nutrition label, I put them back. I'd rather eat something more sinful for those empty calories!

Because I have bags of spinach in my fridge waiting to be used, up for tonight are some Spinach Brownies. I wanted to make spanakopita but am too lazy to mess around with phyllo dough so I searched for a bit and found the spinach brownies which seem similar.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I almost forgot how winter driving really is...

An hour at most commute home took two hours. I got home safely so I can't complain as I saw lots of folks stuck with their blinkers on.

I am debating taking it easy tomorrow morning or heading to work a little late or even working from home to avoid spending another 2 hours commuting. I could be working or better yet watching the olympics at that time! I love the olympics. GO CANADA!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retail Therapy

I went to the mall with some of my new found cash and bought some things using the excuse that I was gearing up for spring. I also just went through my wardrobe this weekend and packed up a bag full of clothes to donate to goodwill which means closet space for some new digs and less guilt seeing an over flowing closet.

First up is a shawl sweater from Costa Blanca on sale for $20. I love shawl sweaters because they are comfy and......have I mentioned they're comfy?

Next is a tunicy type top similar to below to wear with tights! I am giving into the tights trend. I am not a fan of tights and think it's ridiculous that girls think tights=pants but I loved this tunic and feel it's too short to wear as a dress but at the same time too long and flowy to wear as a top. Dilema! I couldn't resist as the top was only $10! So tights wins unless I can think of a creative wear to wear this without subjecting the world to too much skin.

Finally, I got two sports bras on sale at Aerie. I am really digging aerie. At first I thought it was just a trendy little store for tweens but I was very impressed with a sports bra that I bought there last year that I decided to go back for more. It helps that it was on sale and they gave me a gift card that has a minimum of $10 for a future purchase and a free undie!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lovers Day

I am not a big proponent of doing something big for valentines day. After all you should be lovey and dovey all year long right? Yesterday I walked into Hallmark to buy something for a friend totally unrelated to valentines day and walked out. It was packed with all the last minute VDay shoppers! No thank you.

The bf and I are planning on cooking some dinner together and watching the Olympics which is something we would have done anyways.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Double Ms: Miscellany Moneys

  1. Once I recieved my MBNA smart cash card in July 2009, I stopped using my Citi Mastercard completely. I kept it around because you recieve your rebate at the end of the year and cancelling the card means you forfiet any rebates earned. I got my rebate cheque in the mail the other day for a grand total of ~$10 which $10 more than I had before for doing something I would normally be doing anyways. Then I promptly called up Citi & canceled my card. I am a credit card whore, what can I say.

  2. I redeemed for another $5 gift card from swagbucks. I have no idea what I am going to get there but I am going to keep redeeming and adding the cash onto my account. I figure one day, I'll see something I really like & get it.

  3. I spent a whopping $10 buying some accessories for my new phone (car charger, car mount and case) from china and when I logged into my paypal account, I realized I had $36 sitting there from random reward programs I participate in! Sweet! Also sweet that these accessories would have cost a lot more at BestBuy, ect.

  4. I got a $50 giftcard from work for being awesome. I like to think I was being awesome but the truth is somebody called me out for going above & beyond my role so no complaints from me! It was something I wasn't expecting at all so I am happy. I am going to splurge and buy myself something nice with this one. Clothes more than likely...possibly for working out since I've been a little gung ho about it lately.

A grand total of ~$100 that unexpectedly came my way! Cha Ching!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Body Attack

So almost everybody is watching the SuperBowl except for me. Sports and me don't get along. The only thing I find semi interesting is tennis and that is because my parents would always watch it when I was growing up and I think developed a fondness for it from that.

I went to BodyAttack today morning and I am feeling a little sore/weak from it. I've done the class a few times already but I normally choose to do the easier options for some of the moves. Today, I tried my best to do the harder options for all the moves and it was amazing! I love getting my heart pounding and keeping up with some of the guys! Let's hope I am still this gung ho for the gym a month from now.

My goal is to fit comfortably into my normal aka skinny pants again by the start of the summer and move away from my 'fat' pants. I've told myself that once I get back into the pants I was wearing last summer, I am going to treat myself to some Lululemon gear. What better reward for a fitness goal?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My decision to go with the gym

I joined the gym towards the end of last year and I've been loving it! I workout on my own at home but it's very sporadic (aside from yoga) especially in the winter. In the summer, I run outside but I become a hermit during the winter.

I have weights & a treadmill at home but they don't get the love they should be getting. So I decided that if joining a gym meant I would be healthy and fit then it was well worth it. I think the best decision you can make when it comes to the working out at home vs. gym dilemma is going with the option you will actually stick with and enjoy. If you want to loose pounds or get fit and be that way for the rest of your life, it really needs to be a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet or fix that you do for a bit and move on. Unless you're Hiedi Montag and can afford/want to get 10 plastic surgeries in one day.

I constantly kept going back and forth on whether I should join the gym or not. In the end I went with the gym and now I am sure I made the absolute right decision! I like the gym because of the variety of equipment and the classes I have access to. At home, I was getting tired of the same ol', same ol' and would dread going to the basement for another run. At the gym it's easy to do something different every workout especially with the classes offered. Also there is something about working out with a room full of people all engrossed in their fitness. It just pumps me up even more. I just tell myself hey if that person can do it, so can I!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I now have more of a reason to be a Nokia fangirl!

I heart Nokia and I am not ashamed to admit it. After my brief stint with a Siemens phone, I haven't cheated on Nokia ever since.

So the new news that their GPS enabled phones would now come with free turn by turn navigation made me gush even more. Take that TomTom & Garmin! Well I guess they already got hit when Google announced something similar earlier last year. However the difference with Nokia is it has more countries covered & you can use it offline. So basically no data charges to use their service. Before you had to pay a fee if you wanted the navigation.

So in & Nokia continue on our happy journey together. Now off I go to update my software so I can use this feature!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Benzaclin Update #2

If you've been following my blog, you know that my doctor put me on benzaclin towards the end of last year. The effects were almost instantaneous, however it made my skin super dry. Almost scaly and I found that I had to use more of the product for it to be equally effective.

I couldn't take it anymore and in about a months time, I just stopped cold turkey! I just went with a heavy duty moisturizer at night instead. It was a matter of whether I wanted acne free scaly skin or nice moist acne skin. Basically a loose, loose situation. I figured at least with the moist acne skin, I wasn't damaging my skin with harsh chemicals, ect.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MBNA $50 cash rebate!

I switched my Citi 1% cash back card to the MBNA SmartCash mastercard in July of 2009. The MBNA card gives me 1% cash back for regular purchases and 3% cash back for gas and grocery purchases.

Well in less than half a year, I've received my first cheque for $50! Awesome, considering this isn't my primary credit card. I still go to my trusty 2% (tiered) Amex card first but if I am paying for gas or grocery, I always use this card.

For those looking to switch to a new card and want cash back instead of points or miles, I recommend giving this card a whirl.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Source Sucks!

Soo here's the deal. I bought a rogers phone at The Source at the end of December since I wasn't sure if I wanted to renew my contract with them. Remember my whole drama with Rogers in Feb of last year? Well unfortunately I decied to stick it out with the devil aka Rogers. At the end of the day, I have a sweet plan with with them that costs me a little over $40 a month and I basically never go over my minutes or texts, and have voicemail and call display, ect. I was on the fence about renewing my contract. I figured I'd just buy a phone & use it & then cancel if I had Rogers drama again since I wouldn't be on a contract any more. Well a few weeks later (aka now), I figured I'd just bite the bullet & commit to a contract. So a phone for free from doing a hardware upgrade and signing my life away for three more years.

I assumed I could return my phone at The Source since I hadn't used it yet and it was less than thirty days (which it says on the reciept is required for a full refund). Well I take it to The Source and they basically tell me I am shit out of luck because they are now owned by bell and sell bell phones so they won't take my phone back. WTF? It says specifically on the reciept that I can return it if it's less than 30days and less than 30mins on the phone. I hadn't even touched the phone & it was way less than 30 days! How the hell was I supposed to know that in Jan 1st, they'd decide they would no longer be responsible for rogers. I put up a big stink at the store & they brought out some sheet on a letter head that said as of Jan 1, 2010 they wouldn't be carrying rogers products, yada, yada, yada. Um that's great but nobody sent me this letter so how the hell am I supposed to know? I knew last year that Bell bought The Source and I knew it was only a matter of time before the stores would start selling their products but I had no idea it would be Jan 1, 2010. Didn't Bell buy The Source in March or April of last year?

Back to the point....The Source basically told me that it sucked to be me and they couldn't do anything. So The Source if you're reading this: I WILL NEVER SHOP AT YOUR STORE AGAIN!!! Best Buy & Future Shop thanks you for your horrible customer service.

I called Rogers and apparently they have a special line set up for this and after much holding and checking with their bosses, they were able to help me out. So my faith in Rogers is renewed a little. Now I have to wait for some UPS label to come, then mail my phone back with the reciept and do the hokey pokey and I should get my money back.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gym Update

So I didn't make any new 'new years' resolutions. I had some things I had been working on from the end of last year that I am still working on. One of them was loosing weight and getting more toned. I want to fit nicely into my old pants. Right now, I have my old pants sitting folded nicely in my closet waiting for me to return to my old size (Just one size down).

I've been hitting the gym @least once a week if not more and believe it or not, I am starting to finally see small results after about 2 months dedicating myself to this goal. And I love it! I can fit into my 'fat pants' with a little extra room to give whereas before, my big pants were still tight on me.

I think changing up my routine and trying new things at the gym is what's really helping me with the weight loss. I've started taking some of the free classes at the gym and not only are they fun, they have me dripping in sweat by the end. Who knew a little dancing or steps would do that?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Create short movie with yourself in it!

Do you want your friends to think you're awesome? Then go here ( and upload a picture of yourself and watch the movie! Then send the link to everybody you know and wait for people to reply and tell you how neat it is.

I would share my link with you folks but I don't want my face plastered on the interwebs so I'll spare you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are elephants the ones with good memory?

I wish I was an elephant. I never really had an issue with this till I hit the workforce. School wasn't a big deal because I'd always study last minute and everything would be fresh in my head. With work, I always get these questions about projects I am working on and I can never answer it without referencing my papers! It's a good thing I am detailed but I wish my retention was stellar.

I wonder if I can do anything to improve it. I mean, I do read books and work with numbers so it's not like I am not using my brain and it's going into hibernation mode.