Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gym Update

So I didn't make any new 'new years' resolutions. I had some things I had been working on from the end of last year that I am still working on. One of them was loosing weight and getting more toned. I want to fit nicely into my old pants. Right now, I have my old pants sitting folded nicely in my closet waiting for me to return to my old size (Just one size down).

I've been hitting the gym @least once a week if not more and believe it or not, I am starting to finally see small results after about 2 months dedicating myself to this goal. And I love it! I can fit into my 'fat pants' with a little extra room to give whereas before, my big pants were still tight on me.

I think changing up my routine and trying new things at the gym is what's really helping me with the weight loss. I've started taking some of the free classes at the gym and not only are they fun, they have me dripping in sweat by the end. Who knew a little dancing or steps would do that?


So Very Fabulous said...

I need to get back to the gym soon, my fat pants are starting to get a bit tight, and I would like to be able to fit into my older jeans which are also a size smaller. Gotta cut back on those sweets too, but they're so good *sigh*

Lena! said...

Good for you! Fit and fabulous in no time!