Sunday, January 17, 2010

Benzaclin Update #2

If you've been following my blog, you know that my doctor put me on benzaclin towards the end of last year. The effects were almost instantaneous, however it made my skin super dry. Almost scaly and I found that I had to use more of the product for it to be equally effective.

I couldn't take it anymore and in about a months time, I just stopped cold turkey! I just went with a heavy duty moisturizer at night instead. It was a matter of whether I wanted acne free scaly skin or nice moist acne skin. Basically a loose, loose situation. I figured at least with the moist acne skin, I wasn't damaging my skin with harsh chemicals, ect.


Lotus said...

I agree with you- some of the harsh medicine really may give you acne free skin but in the long run damages your skin more...have you looked into natural products? I'm starting to do some research..I have acne prone skin as well, and want to improve my skin without harsh chemicals. Let me know what works for you:)

Rags2Riches said...

Yup I've looked into natural & I try to keep what I put on my face limited. If you're looking for new things to try, check out Even though their site is a little on the basic site, it has everything you could need along with a very informative forum. That's where I started.

I still don't have a perfect routine down but for now what I do is use Philosophy Purity cleanser (but when it's done, I think I am going to switch back to the GardenOfWisdom cleanser I was using) with Neutrogena sunscreen in the morning and if at night, I use Dormer 211 lotion with some Aloe Vera Gel on top. I am trying to keep the things I put on my face to a min.

My skin is still blotchy with the occasional breakout but this as good as it gets for me.

Lotus said...

Thanks Rags2Riches- that is really helpful:) I'm going to look into gardenofwisdom...and I've heard the philosophy cleanser is really good.