Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enjoy your green beers safely!

Happy St. Pattys day. I am just about to head out for round two of green beers! Be safe and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ROM visit ahead....

On the agenda for this week is a visit to the ROM. Admission is half price after 4:30 during March Break and since I’d be working till 5pm anyways, me & the bf are going to take advantage later this week! I’ve only been to the ROM once since they upgraded to the crystal and I wasn’t impressed. Most of the building was blocked of the last time I went…it’s possible they weren’t completely done with their renovations but nobody told us this when we went in so I felt a little ripped off.

Is it bad that I think I’d enjoy 90% of the programs offered for kids at the ROM?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lowest Credit Card Bill Yet

Not sure what it is but this billing cycle has been my lowest with my amex card in practically forever --> Less than $400! Normally I easily average double that a month.

Not sure what it is but lately I haven't been spending too much on random things. Also my grocery bills haven't been too crazy and I have a huge credit with Rogers which results in me not having to pay them for a few months. The best is I haven't cut down on the social activities which I always thought was the root of my spending issues.

I am itching to travel somewhere so this low bill may not last for long!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tax Season=Broke Season

This year I finally decided to get my ass into gear and start investing in my RRSPs! I've been out of uni for a good 2 years now and felt at first I needed to establish myself and a savings account before considering locking some money away for good so I hadn't put any money into my RRSPs prior to this year.

After having to pay the man back last year, I decided it was time to open up an RRSP and start putting some money away! I had lots of contribution room and I put in 27% of this years salary in my RRSP and I still have more room to spare! My money went into some indexes because I still don't know much about investing.

I have another 'fun' investing in stocks account where I do what I want and invest in stocks I like or think will do well. This type of carelessness has no place in my RRSP. My RRSP is for sitting there and growing w/out me looking at it.

With lots of contribution left, I am hoping to dump another significant amount of money into it for 2010. The downside is, my savings account is close nilch for the time being.
Go here and fill out the form if you want some free splenda! As of now there are 3,792 left. I've done this before and it's totally legit and the freebie comes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Summer Lovin

It's not quite the summer but I am loving this tease mother nature is throwing at us. I wore some flats w/out socks to celebrate!

I am even debating setting up an appointment for a pedicure. @ the start of the season, I like getting a pedi to ring in the summer and make sure don't scare the world. I have pretty ugly feet so this is the least I can do.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now that the olympics are over

I feel like there is this big TV void.

I've started watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and I love it! I am amazed by these peoples excessiveness but secretly I am jealous of it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mini workout accomplishment

So my running really blows when winter comes around. I try to stay dedicated but always end up loosing motivation with running at home. Now that I've joined the gym, I've been sticking to running @least once a week on the dreadmill. My goal for the last few weeks has been to get back to running for 30mins without having to stop. Last Friday, I plugged into the Olympics and did 30mins @ 5.5!

Woo! 10k in the summer, here I come! I am also trying to change up my treadmill work outs with intervals, ect. I'd love to run my first 10k in under an hour. Actually, I'd love to run my first 10k without having to take any walking breaks. Running under an hour would be the icing on top.