Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tax Season=Broke Season

This year I finally decided to get my ass into gear and start investing in my RRSPs! I've been out of uni for a good 2 years now and felt at first I needed to establish myself and a savings account before considering locking some money away for good so I hadn't put any money into my RRSPs prior to this year.

After having to pay the man back last year, I decided it was time to open up an RRSP and start putting some money away! I had lots of contribution room and I put in 27% of this years salary in my RRSP and I still have more room to spare! My money went into some indexes because I still don't know much about investing.

I have another 'fun' investing in stocks account where I do what I want and invest in stocks I like or think will do well. This type of carelessness has no place in my RRSP. My RRSP is for sitting there and growing w/out me looking at it.

With lots of contribution left, I am hoping to dump another significant amount of money into it for 2010. The downside is, my savings account is close nilch for the time being.