Sunday, February 7, 2010

Body Attack

So almost everybody is watching the SuperBowl except for me. Sports and me don't get along. The only thing I find semi interesting is tennis and that is because my parents would always watch it when I was growing up and I think developed a fondness for it from that.

I went to BodyAttack today morning and I am feeling a little sore/weak from it. I've done the class a few times already but I normally choose to do the easier options for some of the moves. Today, I tried my best to do the harder options for all the moves and it was amazing! I love getting my heart pounding and keeping up with some of the guys! Let's hope I am still this gung ho for the gym a month from now.

My goal is to fit comfortably into my normal aka skinny pants again by the start of the summer and move away from my 'fat' pants. I've told myself that once I get back into the pants I was wearing last summer, I am going to treat myself to some Lululemon gear. What better reward for a fitness goal?


So Very Fabulous said...

Good luck with your goals! :) I have yet to get back to the gym. Hopefully this weekend? haha

Rags2Riches said...

Just get your butt in there & you'll be glad you did. Getting to the gym I find is the hardest thing...the work out part is easy.