Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Frills Dollar Sale

If you haven't done your grocery shopping for the week yet, check out No Frills and their current dollar sale. I stocked up on grapes, spinach and mushrooms. I was tempted by their Bagel Bites and McCain cakes but I am trying my bestest to stay healthy and didn't grab any of those. I was really tempted by the Bagel Bites and even put one in my cart but after reading the nutrition label, I put them back. I'd rather eat something more sinful for those empty calories!

Because I have bags of spinach in my fridge waiting to be used, up for tonight are some Spinach Brownies. I wanted to make spanakopita but am too lazy to mess around with phyllo dough so I searched for a bit and found the spinach brownies which seem similar.


Lotus said...

Ohh cool- thanks for the heads up...and do spinach brownies taste good? Sounds interesting- never had them before..but it seems like a good way of eating spinach!

Rags2Riches said...

I just had them today and they were delicious! It tastes a little like quiche if you like that sort of thing.