Thursday, May 13, 2010

You always get what you always do

Yesterday I was doing my normal blog reading and read this post on motivation. One of the commenters shared this motivational quote "you always get what you always get, if you always do what you always do" and it triggered something in me because I am that person that procrastinates and pushes things off to the last possible minute. I've made great strides and am not as bad as I used to be but old habits die hard and lately I feel like I've been in a rut. During the day, I have these great ideas and thoughts of things I am going to accomplish but I get home and it becomes the last thing I want to do. i.e. I've thought about cleaning my car for the last few months but have yet to do it!

So I decided to make some declarations and then go out and do it! Above are my mini goals for May 2010. I might not accomplish all of them but I am going to try to work towards all of them because the quote above is so true. Nothing is going to happen if all I do is sit on my ass and do what I always do. 3 of the 5 things I want to do are things I've been putting off for the longest time (clean car, deposit chqs and fill out health expenses) but also really easy to get outta the way. Running a 10k in under an hour needs a little bit of work and so does getting a new job.

It may seem like I am being optimistic by putting 'land a new job' on there and expect it to happen this month but I've actually been looking for a while even though I haven't written about it and have an interview coming up that I feel is mine to loose. I want to make sure I put my best foot forward and prepare accordingly. Maybe the goal should have read, go into the interview 100% prepared but I am too lazy to recreate the picture.