Saturday, November 15, 2008

big purchase

So I've wanted the clarisonic for almost half a year but resisted the urge to purchase due to its hefty price tag. Well I finally gave in & dolled out a whopping ~$200 for a electric brush for my face! Ridiculous right? What made me finally dive & take the plunge?
  • I've been lusting for it for over half a year. With normal large purchases, after a month I completely forget about it meaning I really didn't need it after all. But this I still want & I don't think it will ever go away till I try it.
  • I've spent far more on skincare before. Fact is I don't have the greatest skin and when you add up all the money I've spent on skin care, it would probably be far more than $200. Now that I've finally found something that semi-works with my skin, I haven't been spending all those extra $ on trying new things. In terms of cleanser, lotion & all that, I am done & sticking w/ my current routine. & it's way cheaper than what I used.
  • It's gotten rave reviews all over the place & i feel like it may help.
  • Finally, it's resale value is still fairly high should I not like it and decide to sell it.
  • Sephora finally started offering it in Canada which would mean I'd save on shipping charges. But turns out I still got a better deal on ebay & I got the pro version. tsk, tsk sephora.
  • I've been good w/ my spending this month & felt I could budget it in.
So those are all the reasons I've told myself so I could sleep at night ;) Now only if this damned thing would show up in my mail so I can start using it & see if it lives up to all its hype.