Thursday, February 12, 2009


A few days after posting about how I was doing well in my challenge of not buying anything new till I was down to the last bottle of something, I just blew it.

I was @ Sephora to pick up a new brush head for my clarisonic. I currently use the sensitive one & feel like it's too much for my skin so I wanted to give the delicate head a try. I feel like the clarisonic has potential to work with my skin but figuring out the right routine with it is the hard part.

Two displays over, Philosophys Purity Made Simple cleanser. I've wanted to try this cleanser even before Sephora came to town from the reviews I had read online. I've even walked by & picked up the bottle many a time before but I've always put it back down. Today was different & I walked out of the store with the cleanser, the brush head & $60 charged on my credit card.

I do feel a little guilty and am contemplating returning it but I think I'll keep it. Normally when I want something, I check in a week later & chances are I've totally forgotten about it or decided I don't want it after all. Considering I've wanted this for a while, it was probably only a matter of time before I bought it. I actually did decide that this would be my next cleanser after my current GOW cleanser was finished before the purchase so it wasn't totally random. I just bought it before my current cleanser had finished.

Like anybody with acne, finding that perfect routine that will get me clear skin is like the holy grail for me.


Natalie said...

I had ups and downs with my skin and THE ONLY thing that worked was 40% Lactic Acid peels done at home for half the price.
The company is called Makeup Artists Choice. Read the reviews online first @

you will see amazing results

Rags2Riches said...

You know I've looked @ those before but I've been afraid I might burn myself doing the peels myself.

If my current routine doesn't work, I'll have to look at something new.

So Very Fabulous said...

It seems like I'm a neverending search to find the perfect skincare routine too. Hopefully the new cleanser works out for you!

Isn't Sephora evil? I get so distracted in there and always want to buy all the pretty looking things, and there are a LOT of pretty looking things in there!