Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Weekends are Awesome

So far the weekend has been low key with lots of relaxing and it went a little something like this:
  • Pamper myself --> @home manicure, bath soak, silly face masks & grooming eyebrows
  • Spend time w/ the bf --> Random errands and lots of eating
  • Catch up with friends --> Saw friends I hadn't seen in months
  • Clean up --> Put clothes away & pulled out clothes I don't ever wear to donate. My closets are overflowing & I don't even wear half of the things I have in there. The items I do like get lost somewhere in heaps of other clothes
  • Work out --> Sticking to my goal of working out for an hour a week not including yoga
  • Watched lots of tv --> I am a tv junkie and spent most of Saturday watching t.v.
  • Watched Slumdog Millionaire --> Now I understand the hype around the movie

Still to do:
  • Make hummus --> healthy snacking for the week & I get to incorporate it in my work lunches.
  • Do a little bit of work --> I don't like working from home but getting a little ahead will prevent me from pulling my hair out during the week
  • Family meal --> Think I'll go out for lunch w/ the family today. It is after all Family Day.


flirty*almost*30 said...

why don't we get family day???!!! stupid BC. jealous. so jealous. of course, we get remembrance day and my boyfriend (an ontarian) says that not everyone out there does? something like that.

Rags2Riches said...

Not everybody here gets family day but the majority do. I know some people who get remembrance day like you & they don't get family day.