Friday, February 20, 2009


So I avoid logging into my questrade account if at all possible because I get depressed about how bad some of my investments are doing. I invested towards the end of last year @ what I thought was a good point to enter the market. Was I ever wrong! But I like to think that I still did better than a lot of folks that rode the curve all the way down. I rode the curve at the tail end & like to think I am well poised for when the markets pick up. It's what I tell myself so I can sleep....*shh*

Anyhoos, I had some extra money that I had moved in there months ago because I thought I would pick up another stock @ a bargain price. However, I think it's best to wait a few more months before investing. It seems like the market isn't picking up any time soon so might as well earn some interest by putting it back in my PC account.

Boy was it a pain in the ass figuring out how to withdraw from Questrade! I love the low fees but I've struggled so much with their user interface and customer service.