Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lotion & Potion Challenge Before Pictures

At the start of this year I made a resolution and that was to dwindle down my collection of lotions and potions down to a number I can count with my hands and not a spreadsheet. My goal was not to buy another bottle of an item till I was down to the last one.

Well here are the pictures I took at the starting of the year demonstrating that I do in fact have a problem. From left to right you will find hair products, face stuff, lotions, body wash and the worst area, conditioners! I do go through conditioner rather fast though. You have to squint your eyes or click through and look at the bigger picture but there are actually 2 more pink bottles and one white bottle in the upper right hand corner right behind the ones that are there. I thought it'd be good to put similar sized items with each other but now realize they get lost in the picture.

The good news is I've been good and have finished one bottle of body wash and conditioner from what has been pictured and am already on to other bottles in the collection.


Fabulously Broke said...

Use it up I say! :)

At least you're going to save a ton of money in the mean time.

flirty*almost*30 said...

I made the same goal! Its ridiculous how much stuff I collect, or use half of and then get distracted by something shiny and new even though the old stuff is perfectly fine. Never though of taking a pic of it though! I've got a weakness for those little samples that Sephora sends in groups of 10 every once in a while, I'm about half way through them finally. Anyways, good luck!

So Very Fabulous said...

Way back when, I used to have a crazy amount of shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products and body washes, it was nuts. I blamed my stash on working at a drug store at the time. Hello discounts! Not to mention the fact that I'd see the second a new prodcut came out and HAD to try it. I've calmed down a lot in that area, and will mostly use things up before starting onto something else. Less clutter!

Good luck using everything up!