Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Spending Recap

This month was a fail! A big fat fail. I did fairly well in Jan and with Feb being a shorter month I thought I was set. Well things didn't go as planned to say the least. Here is a quick recap of how things went.
  • Clothes & Beauty: Budgeted: $30, Actual Spend: $96. This was a fail on two levels because I blew my budget and I also failed my lotion & potion challenge. I do however like the Purity cleanser I purchased & it is something I know I will finish up. I just wished I waited till I finished my current one before purchasing it.
  • Eating out: Budgeted: $130, Actual Spend: $160. On family day, I actually went out for lunch w/ the family & paid for the lunch. It was expensive paying for 4 people but I don't regret it one bit. It's nice being able to pay for my parents but not so nice for my budget.
  • Entertainment: Budgeted: $50, Actual Spend: $10. Went glow in the dark mini golfing w/ the bf & it was fun. They always give you a 2 for 1 coupon every time you play so we never actually pay for 2 tickets anymore.
  • Gas: Budgeted: $150, Actual Spend: $117. Hurray for cheap gas prices!
  • Groceries: Budgeted: $100, Actual Spend: $130. Went a little overboard here but bought things like cereal, oatmeal and other things that will last me a few months.
  • Misc: Budgeted: $20, Actual Spend: $42. Doh! So last month this category was $50 & I didn't spend anything that fell in here. I figured it would be the same for this month. Wrong! I purchased my toilet flapper, a candle holder & scissors that fell in here. A random assortment of items I didn't forsee myself purchasing but it happened. I absolutely needed the flapper & scissors. The candle holder though only $5, I didn't need. It was just so pretty & a steal that I had to get it.
  • Total Budgeted: $480, Actual Spend: 552.
Grr, over by about $70. I am disappointed at myself for going over.

So next month, I am abosolutely going to come in under budget. I am determined! Plus the bf is travelling so a I think the eating out category will come in light. For March, I am going to take away $20 from my eating out category and move it to my clothing & beauty section. I am just itching to buy some eyeshadow.


Fabulously Broke said...

I went over by about $161 but then it ended up being $90 or so that I was over since I earned $70 in interest.

Anonymous said...

It's not that bad... the skin products were your downfall. But, as you mentioned, those will last you a long time. Don't beat yourself up too much... its just like dieting! Just pick yourself up and start a new day. I'm sure you'll do better in March. Personally, I think a fail would have been double your budget or something!