Saturday, February 21, 2009

I fixed my toilet for $6!

My toilets been doing this weird leaky thing for the last few weeks. Loud enough that I could hear it when I was sleeping but not really doing any sort of damage that I tended to it right away. I am a lazy bastard. After some investigating online & looking @ my septic tank, it looked like the flapper wasn't closing properly. I didn't even know what a flapper (see image on left) was until a few weeks ago but thanks to google I am now educated in the ways of the toilet. Did you know that there are forums dedicated to toilets & helping you fix them?

So off to home hardware; $6 later, I had a new flapper. I thought I would need to call in some recruits to help me replace it but it was dead easy and took less than a minute. I feel so accomplished and am glad I only had to spend $6 to fix it.


Ginger said...


Oh man it's so satisfying when you figure out something like that, eh?

I recently installed some hooks in the wall which I had never done before and I felt so happy that I could figure out how to do it myself.


Rags2Riches said...

yes it really does make you feel empowered!

kudos on the wall hooks. That's something that would intimidate me as once you put a hole in the wall, it's there forever.

Anonymous said...

good for you girl! i fixed a very broken sink once and i felt like wonderwoman! ha ha. i'm pretty handy with most things and have done some serious home renos, but i avoid electrical and plumbing like the plague.... too scary if you screw up!