Thursday, August 27, 2009

I hate paying 5c for bags

OK, do you know what I still struggle with? Bringing bags with me to the mall to avoid paying the 5c. It's second nature for me to take extra bags with me when I go grocery shopping because I am there with the intention of buying something. But at the mall, it's very hit or miss. Sometimes, I am just window shopping, sometimes I just think of something that I need to pick up on my way home, ect. I never think to take a bag out of my trunk and take it with me into the mall.

I was at Zellers recently and purchased one of their reusable fold-able bags and I love it. It was a only a dollar and the best part is it folds up into this tiny little thing that you can just throw into your purse. I am not sure it's the best to take grocery shopping (i.e. I don't know how much weight it can support) but this is meant to be used for light weight things, not to carry things from Home Depot.

So now I am always ready. I know it's only 5c but paying for a bag bothers me.