Monday, August 3, 2009

July 2009 Spending Recap

I've been a little hesitant to do a recap for July because I knew I was over early on in the month. Looking back, I found that I didn't think too much about going over budget and if I wanted something within reason, I gave in and bought it.
  • Clothes & Beauty: Budgeted: $100 Actual Spend: $169. I purchased my makeup for little over $100 with shipping and duties but I have no regrets. I expect my foundation to last for another year and the blushes to last forever. I also spent some money thrifting and impulsively at Ardene. I purchased earrings I didn't need, wore them a few times and have since forgotten about them. I am putting them up on my earring rack so atleast I see them and will be more inclined to wear them. I also spent some moola thrifting.
  • Eating out: Budgeted: $150, Actual Spend: $189. Over by approximately $40. I blame the bf but that's not really an excuse. We've been spending our fair time eating out this month on top of my normal eating out with friends. Add in a friends birthday where I pick up their tab because I refuse to let friends pay for food on their birthday and there you have it.
  • Entertainment: Budgeted: $25, Actual Spend: $24. This covered tickets for Second City and movie tickets for Bruno. Second City was great and worth every penny. Bruno was not.
  • Gas: Budgeted: $125, Actual Spend: $99. Don't think I drove any more than usual.
  • Groceries: Budgeted: $100, Actual Spend: $92. Not much to say here except that I tried out a new recipe this month that's a keeper.
  • Misc: Budgeted: $20, Actual Spend: $35. I purchased three things here, batteries, wires and a folder. All things that I needed.
  • Total Budgeted: $520, Actual Spend: $608! Over by $88.
A little disappointing that I didn't foresee my spending a little better. I thought I had accommodated for my huge splurge in makeup but looks like I still went a little crazy in the beauty category.

For August, I am going to make my budget $500 because I like nice round numbers. I am also going to increase my eating out budget while decreasing my beauty budget because there's no reason for me to go crazy buying makeup again.