Saturday, August 22, 2009

Roots = No, Jacob = Yes

Remember my post about Roots Yoga and not being sure if they still exist as I couldn't find the line on their corporate website... however, I found out they have their own yoga studio :S Well on my way home from work yesterday I stopped by the Roots outlet hoping that if they were phasing their yoga clothing out, I could find stock at their outlets. Well no success and the employee tells me the line is still being sold at corporate stores. Not only were there no yoga clothes at the outlet, the prices on their clothing weren't that great to be honest.

I also ducked into the Jacob Outlet store because they occasionally have amazing deals (i.e. 50% off entire store multiple times a year). Well no 50% off this time but great prices like it was pretty much 50% off. I was able to score two button up work shirts @ $10, a tank top @ $5 and a tube top @ $5. I really love the tube top because it's one of those flowy tube tops that you can wear with jeans for a casual look or with a cardigan for a more dressy look. Awesome because I love double duty clothing. If you have an outlet near you, I'd recommend dropping by. They had other great deals on baby ts, dress pants, dresses, name it but I really don't need any of those things.

My button up shirt collection is fairly small as I typically only wear them when I have a client meeting and I need to dress corporate and snazzy all at the same time.


Lotus said...

I love Jacob - especially the outlets, you can find amazing deals:) Yeah for deals!

Lena! said...

LOL Lotus - I can't go anywhere in the blogosphere without running into you!

I do heart Jacob, though :)

Rags2Riches said...

Lena I actually found your blog through Lotus's blog ;)

Lotus said...

LOL Lena- well we only read the best blogs, so it's bound to happen that we read the same ones:)