Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trouble sleeping

Lately I've been struggling to fall asleep. I have a lot of things racing through my mind lately and that's what's been keeping me up. What's worse is I wake up early...and I mean early! I get up before my alarm goes off and that pretty much never happens. If you ask the bf, he'll tell you that if there's one thing I love to do, it's sleep.

It also doesn't help that the weather is sticky gross lately. I dig hot weather but humidity is not my friend. My hair feels the same way.

Back to my mind racing. It's been racing with thoughts of work and stresses of work. I think it's a toxic environment for my personality and a change of pace is in order. Now how quickly that change will happen is a different story but at least I am on it.


Julie K said...

I used to really struggle with falling asleep. I would think about that day and worry (blah) about the things that could happen. I think I'm prone to it with my personality...I'm super type A!

But I notice when I drink a lot of water and exercise on a regular basis (even just walking) I sleep and feel a lot better. And worry less which I think is key!

I also started sleeping better when I got my horse. Not that a horse is a great option but he keeps me so busy I don't have time to worry. He's been the best therapy ever:)

Rags2Riches said...

The horse thing is really cool! I wish that was an option but alas.

The thing is I am not a type A personality!

I find the same thing with exercise. i.e. if I do yoga @ night or go for a run, I certainly sleep better. But the truth is I am not always in the mood to work out after a long day of work.