Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shoppers Drug Mart: You've let me down

So I bought a Quo atomizer spray thingamabob from Shoppers Drug Mart about a month ago. I made my own home made Fix+ that I spray on my face before applying mineral makeup and wanted something compact and cute to use. Who wouldn't want to spray their face with this instead of some tacky plastic bottle. I figured a one time investment for something I could use forever. Well I tried using it last week & it didn't work!! No spraying, nothing! And I've tried everything, using hot water, using different liquids, ect. And no dice!

I think I may try taking it back to shoppers drug mart to see if they'll exchange it for me despite not having a receipt for it. I mean less than a month is ridiculous and I am pretty sure I paid more than it's worth for it.


Lena! said...

Definitely bring it back! Especially if it's Quo - I mean, it's not like you could purchase Quo from anywhere else!

Good luck luv!