Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've been out of action lately. There have been days where I come home and don't even turn my computer on! This is very unlike me but I feel like I've been productive.

I've also been spending lots of money mostly on eating out because sometimes I am still on the road and dinner time strikes. I've been trying my best to make wise choices both in the cash & nutrition side. The sucky thing is I haven't been keeping track of my finances this month in my little spread sheet so I have no idea how over or under budget I am. I imagine over but not totally sure.

I had poutine at New York fries the other day and I don't know if my tastes buds have changed but it honestly was not that great and it cost about $5! New York Fries always leaves me disappointed. You'd think they'd have fries nailed down considering it's their specialty but no.