Thursday, March 5, 2009

What do you do

when a coworker asks you if you're coming out for drinks the following week with other coworkers? Except the only issue is I was never invited to this soiree. AWKWARD! In an attempt to not sound like a loser, I claimed I had a previous engagement & wouldn't be able to make it even I had been invited. Watching Lost is a previous engagement alright. Sometimes I feel like I am in highschool all over again.


Anonymous said...

My workplace is TOTALLY like that too. Me and one of the girls I work with are always being not invited to stupid little things the others do even though we're "cool kids" too and we all get along. Neither of us ever feel like we "belong" there so we just do our own thing together. Its weird.
But, maybe it wasn't one of those real invite things. Or maybe you are on the to-be-invited list. Lots of our work things are just word of mouth. Could be...?

Ginger said...

Heh, sadly this happens to me a lot, too.

I used to be in with the cool kids, but once again I find myself the black sheep. Good on you for pretending you had something already!

Fabulously Broke said...

I may have just said "I wasn't invited. *pointed stare*"

LOL!... But that's just me. I work on projects. I'll never see those people again after 8 months unless they hire me again.


It was probably a word of mouth thing