Monday, March 16, 2009

I did something out of character

I am a natural introvert. I can fake being social but really I'd rather be at home cocooned under the sheets watching tv. Social events scare me. The idea of meeting new people or putting myself out there with folks I don't know make me hyperventilate. Ok hyperventilateing is a bit much but when I have something to do with folks I don't know, I almost try & find any excuse not to go. So when there was a going away lunch for a friend at work, I wanted to go because I really do like this girl & will miss her. The idea of sitting with complete strangers however scared me.

I talked myself into going by saying, I would just say I had to cut lunch short to get a presentation done which was partially true.

The best and most surprising part was that not only did I stay the whole lunch but I also enjoyed the lunch. I was impressed by my ability to handle all the awkardness & fit in.

Score one for me!


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! :-)

Ginger said...

Good for you!

I've got the same issues with the whole social awkwardness thing.

There's a saying that applies to us in this situation:

Fake it til you make it!

Sometimes that's all you can do!