Saturday, March 21, 2009

I heart Shoppers Drug Mart....most of the time

I know they are generally pricier than your local Wal-Mart & whatnot but I do love their point system especially when I get to redeem my points and splurge on whatever I want for $200 on their bonus days. Today was that day & I bought myself things I needed & things I did not. Things I needed included a hair dryer, food, ect. Things I did not include a curling iron & makeup. I wish I could say I feel guilty but I feel happy. I am a materialistic girl, what can I say.


Fabulously Broke said...


I love it when I use points. It's like" WOW! ALl this stuff for $3!!!"


So Very Fabulous said...

I LOVE Optimum points! I've gotten so much stuff that way. And it's great when they have 20x points days too, that sure gets your points up quick!