Thursday, March 12, 2009

Also didn't factor in customs

So that order from Well not only did I not factor in the US to CAN conversion, I also assumed I wouldn't have to pay customs. I purchased $100 worth of items. I've purchased more than that before & have never been charged customs. Well today I got the Canada Post slip to go pick up the parcel & looks like I am going to have to pay ~$20! Bahh. If I knew that, I'd just have bought everything I needed from MAC. Would have been cheaper than trying to go online for the palettes.


So Very Fabulous said...

I used to order from online a lot, though mostly eBay, and I find it's so inconsistent in when you'll have to pay customs and when you won't. It sure is a pain when you do though! Hopefully you like the palettes at least! I'm so fussy about my makeup organization that I'll have to keep mine all MAC because I like everything to look the same haha.