Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starting on budgetting for 2009

OK so yesterday I had a realization. I really have enough clothes for 2009. My style has evolved to something more classic? Not sure if classic is the word but I do try to ask myself 'Will I actually wear this for years to come?'. 'Is this just a one hit wonder?' So w/ that, I've spent the extra cash on items I plan on owning for years: Jeans, jackets, work clothes, shoes, etc. W/ that said, there is really no reason for me to spend much on clothes next year. Looking back on 2008, I think clothes & eating out are the two areas I can cut back on.

With that in mind, I've decided that $20/month on clothes is a reasonable budget. Basically this allows me to get one nice top on sale a month or a jean over 2-4 months. That means $240 for all of 2009!! Not sure if that is realistic since I can easily spend $100 on a nice pair of boots & there goes half of the 2009 budget. But I figure I'll try this for the next few months & see if I have to revisit it half way through the year. Off course, I am allowing myself to carry over anything that's not used in that month & also adding in the stipulation that if for some reason I am at the Outlets again, going a little over the budget is acceptable. I think going to thrift stores really will contribute to me staying w/in this budget. I only started thrift store shopping last summer but I cannot stop. I can't count the number of unique things I have purchased & also items w/ tags on them.

Also decided that $5/month on beauty products is a reasonable budget. I know, am I crazy or what? Crazy: Yes. Wanting to save money: YES. I mean I don't really buy beauty products much anymore. I've enmassed enough eye shadows & such to last me for years to come. I am no where near hitting the pan on any of my shadows.

I think I'd like to try setting up some monthly tally on the right hand side tool bar so I can see it and remind myself of how I am doing.