Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Budget

So I decided that I need to up the beauty budget to $10. Why? Because a haircut would easily have me waiting months before I could save up for it, if I stayed at the $5 budget. I know I'll also have to buy some sunscreen @ some point. I buy a more expensive one for my face. ~$29. So yeah if I kept it @ $5, I'd go over the yearly budget really quick. So a combined beauty and clothes budget of $30 seems reasonable. Phew, this budget doesn't give me the hives like the previous $20 for clothes & $5 for beauty budget. & combining the two makes sense. I know that there will be months where I won't buy clothes but will want a pedicure (beauty), so with a combined $30, I could work with that.

I decided I'll try & track my monthly budget on the right hand side. So I am all ready for Jan 2009.

The rest of budget works out like this.
Eating out: $100. Ugh, ugh, ugh. This is my Achilles heel if you will. I am good about brown bagging my lunch to work. I think I can count the number of times I've actually had to go out & buy my lunch for 2008 in one hand. Pretty good right? YES! but going out for dinner is another story. Going out to a restaurant for drinks or dinner w/ the bf happens @least once a week & that's where I fall down.

Entertainment: $50. I think this is more then enough. I don't go out as much as I used to so that's reasonable. Plus I think I'll roll this over so I can save up for extravagant months where I am a party animal ;)

Misc: $50. You never know right?

Gas: $150. This is hard to budget as it depends on gas prices & I have no say in it. Sure I could take the bus again but right now I drive to work & I think that's staying as is (knock on wood).

Groceries: Perhaps I should group this with eating out but a budget of $100 here. I am happy with this area and don't mind spending the $100. I almost always brown bag & am vegetarian so sometimes pay premium for things like veggie burgers & whatnot.

Above is everything I see as being variable for the month. Here are my fixed costs for the month: Rent: $800, Cell phone Bill: $40, Membership fees: $60. I think that's it @ a whopping $900!

So to recap that is
  • $30 - Clothes & Beauty
  • $100 - Eating out
  • $50 - Entertainment
  • $50 - Misc
  • $150 - Gas
  • $100 - Groceries
  • $720 - Rent
  • $40 - Cell phone bill
  • $60 - Membership fees
  • $1300 - Total
That's not too bad actually. That's a little over half of what I take home monthly. So it should leave me around the same amount to save. The thing is I know over the past year I have not been saving over a 1000 per month. Perhaps as I keep tracking this on a monthly basis I'll see areas where I am faltering & will be able to correct it.