Sunday, December 21, 2008

negatory on the raise

So my company with many others has decided to push off giving raises to their employees due to the 'economic situation'. Off course this comes with lots of anger from the employees. Lots of people have talked about applying elsewhere. I've certainly thought about it. While I am relatively happy where I am, thoughts of higher pay & seeing what else is out there have definitely entered my mind. What's holding me back? My lazy ass basically. Though I finally started updating my resume about a month ago, I stopped half way through because it got frustrating. It's hard pumping yourself up and talking about your job while highlighting what you did there. It's easy to have a conversation and tell people what I do but putting it down in a few lines is another story. I wonder how many people don't apply elsewhere because they can't get around to updating their resume.

I came across this wonderful post from squawkfox which talks about the dos & don't of resumes which reminded me again that mines been sitting on my computer half finished. I think I'll try taking a stab at it again over the break. Hey I don't celebrate christmas so I have no excuses for not working on it (i.e. family obligations).