Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So that gift I was supposed to get for $30 easily escalated into a gift for $56! eek, I suck but @least it's something I know the person will enjoy. & she is at the end of the day an awesome person so @least it's not like it's going to a jerk or something.

We also went out to dinner & the bill when split evenly came out to $35! There's a huge dent into the 'Eating Out' budget. I hate when we end up splitting evenly! Sucks especially since I am vegetarian & always end up w/ the cheapest meal & I generally don't like getting drinks. I should really try to speak up for separate bills. Perhaps it can be part of a resolution for the up coming year.

Also I was at Sephora today & was looking @ Philosophys Purity Made Simple cleansers. It has been voted as a 'Best of Sephora' winner for 2008 & it's gotten good reviews. Normally I'd have jumped the gun but I just realized I had made a $30 budget for clothes & beauty. The thought of maxing out the Clothes & Beauty budget with one purchase made me think twice (*yay, look ma I can do it!*). I still have half a bottle of cleanser to get through so I can wait patiently.

I also looked @ how my stocks have been doing. I only started investing a few months ago. I bought stocks @ what I thought was an all time low. Only 52 week lows kept coming even after I had purchased them. I have faith that eventually the stocks will pick up so I've left my money in there. Right now I am @ -25% on the stocks.