Monday, December 29, 2008


Went to the mall & pretty much left right away. The malls are still insanely packed. I am assuming w/ people looking for post-boxing day sales. Kids screaming & scarce parking was enough to have me leave. However I need to brave the crowds tomorrow to pick up a gift for a friend.

What's a good generic gift for a girl you have no idea what to get? Besides off course the basket of body lotions or candles which by the way I think is just as impersonal as a gift card. With that being said, I am still thinking of perhaps getting a gift certificate to Sephora. What girl doesn't like Sephora? & my budget is ~$30 since I've got 2 other small things to give to this person already.

I also realized I have not factored gifts into the budget I created yesterday. It's hard because it varies by person. Some people...I plan on spending ~$100 and others I plan on spending $20 & off course there's ranges in between. But there's only 5 yearly recurring gifts I buy. So perhaps I could create a yearly number and then divide by 12.

Even though it's technically not January yet, I've decided to start tracking my purchases. i.e. gas has been updated to reflect my $26 gas purchase. Yup $26 to completely fill the tank which was almost empty.