Monday, May 25, 2009

Nestlé NOIR Mousse Délicate Review

I received two full sized boxes of Nestle Noir Mousse Delicate chocolates last week thanks to Ginger and I have already chowed down through one box! I am trying my best to leave the other one untouched in it's shrink wrap so I won't be tempted to storm through it. I want to give the box away or bring it into work & let somebody else besides me & my stomach enjoy these bad boys.

First impressions. I really like the packaging. I feel like I am eating chocolates made for grown ups as opposed to how I feel when I eat a Butterfinger. Nowadays, I don't normally sit there & just eat a chocolate bar, rather, I incorporate chocolates & chocolate flavorings into my foods. i.e. Chocolate milk, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate chips in get the idea.

Taste. Um, is there any way to screw up chocolate? I am sure there is but I think I'd really like anything that tasted remotely like chocolate. I tried out the Milk Chocolate version and in the box, there are 10 little chocolate squares. It was a pleasant surprise because the last thing I want to do is fight with myself to break off a piece of the chocolate bar. It is a little big to pop into your mouth but for those of you who are up for the challenge, I am sure you can make it happen. With the warm weather, the chocolate shell just melted in my mouth. The center part AKA the mousse was the best part. I loved the texture & the taste. It's hard to describe but it was nice and 'airy'. With all that being said, like I mentioned above, I like almost anything chocolate so for those people that are picky with their chocolates & prefer high end chocolates, I am not sure this is what you are looking for.

I'd imagine you can buy these at your local grocery or shoppers drug mart type store but I don't really go by the candy aisle often & can't say for certain.