Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random musings

A bunch of tidbits since I don't have anything coherent to say...
  • My account @ Canadian Tire is all set up. It was easy peasy & customer service was great at helping me login online. The lovely lady even told me about a promo where if you set up an automatic deposit, you get $25. Sweet! Since I'd be moving my money anyways so basically free money for doing what I normally would have done.
  • The weather is lovely! Finally warm enough to show those legs & other limbs that normally don't get any sun.
  • Gas prices are going up! Major bummer. I am sure $1+ is just around the corner
  • With the weather getting better, I am also trying to run outside and be more active. I want my summer bod back!
  • I just received my $10 cheque from Hotspex. Took a while (about 2 months) that I had almost forgotten about it. But it was a pleasant surprise and that's 10 more dollars I didn't have earlier today.
  • I also received some free chocolate thanks to Ginger! Two boxes of Nestlé Noir Mousse Délicate. Delicious! I will write a proper review soon. It also reminded me of other reviews that I have half-written that I should wrap up.