Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old Navy Graphic T's

I heard that Old Navy was selling its Graphic Ts for $3 today. Well I had to go out in the direction of the mall anyways so I stopped by to have a look. I got there at 9:45 (the mall opened at 9:30) and all the xs sized Ts were already gone! I was able to find 2 smalls with cute prints on them. None of this 'Can't Touch This' print BS. I've progressed to wearing more mature graphic Ts if I wear them at all.

The first one I got was a was a white T with a dandelion in the shoulder area and another was a nice aquamarine blue with a fish applique. I am actually not too crazy about the fish T but I love the color. Maybe I can remove the applique and still use it or give it to a friend.

All in all, $6 for two Ts is great.