Friday, May 1, 2009

Guess who's bizzack?

No, not Jay-Z. This girl right here.

Vacation was over the top amazing and now I am back to real life. Taking time off work, friends, and just life in general was much needed. I only checked email once during the whole trip & it was for about 10 mins just to make sure nothing too crazy was happening while I was away! You know that saying: Ignorance is bliss. Well it's true.

I also ignored my finances. Before I left, I made sure everything was paid off including any bills that would come in while I was away. I notified my credit cards that I would be travelling & to let purchases go through. The last thing I need is to be half way across the globe with my credit card being denied.

While away, I spent like a mad woman. I lived comfortably and am very happy I didn't nickel & dime my experience. It's a good thing I could spend like a mad woman without actually spending too much money --> While half way across the world, spending $2 Canadian meant a nice meal even though you could survive on half that by fast fooding it up. The conversion rate worked in my favor.

I also didn't buy too much in the way of souvenirs, especially for friends. While I did buy a few because I felt obligated to get something for the folks that always bring me back a souvenir from their trips. For the most part, I am over the whole souvenir phase. Really who needs 200 mugs with some witty quote written on it like, 'What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas'. When cleaning up my room in the past, I almost wished I didn't buy shot glasses from almost every single place I've been too. They are just sitting in my room gathering dust. I could have spent that money towards a nice meal or the entrance fee to an attraction. I remember way back when in Florida, I didn't want to pay the entrance fee for Universal Studios because I thought it was expensive but spent almost the same amount on souvenirs for myself & friends! This time around, if I bought a souvenir, I made sure it was something functional (meaning something I'd actually use i.e. a bowl to be used as a fruit bowl) or something I'd like to display in my place for all to see. Not in some shelf in some room nobody goes to. As an example, I bought a nice painting that was hand painted on some fabric that I am planning on framing & putting up.

So where did most of my money go? On 'experience' a-la those pesky entrance fees, car rental to drive around, hotels, tours, ect.