Thursday, October 17, 2013

Easy peasy oven roasted sweet potatoes

I love sweet potato fries at restaurants and have tried making them at home without much success till now!  They always came out a little on the mushy side and not as crispy as I like.  Leaving me to buying them at restaurants and fast food joints to satisfy my craving. 

What did I do differently this time?  I cut them into smaller squares and made sure they were spread out in one layer on the baking tray even if it meant having to two batches in the oven.

First up, I bought some sweet potatoes at the local Asian grocery store only to cut in and be surprised that it wasn't an yellowy/orange color as I was used to.  Google to the rescue confirmed it was still a sweet potato...possibly a yam?  That's right, google wasn't quite conclusive on what it was.  With a little hesitation, I figured I already had bought it so I might as well cook it.  I cut it into little squares as seen below, tossed it in some olive oil, salt & pepper.

Then, I spread it in two trays with enough left over for another tray.  I made sure not to crowd the tray though it may look like it's crowded below.  Note that there is only one layer without more potatoes overlapping each other.

I forgot to take pictures of the end result.  Also, I munched through them pretty fast along with my family but it was crispy and delicious.  I ate most of them alone sauceless, that's how good it was.  I also enjoyed a glass of wine with it :D