Monday, October 21, 2013

Conair Curl Secret - Does this scare any one else?

conair curlsecretBeauty and technology are going way too fast for me.  I saw the Curlsecret being demoed this on CityTVs Cityline demoed and that was when I truly felt old.  I thought I was young and hip and with it.  Clearly not because I had no idea this product existed and even more it scared me.  Each time the models hair disappeared in the apparatus, I was scared that it would be eaten and not come out alive.

The idea is your hair gets wound up in the device and it gets curled in there.  Good in that you just let it do it's thing and no need to wear gloves and all those other pesky things that comes with curling wands.  But as somebody that's gotten her hair tangled and ripped in Conairs Instyler, I feel like this is another one that would do the same.  I think it would work best for people with silky hair and not those with thick curly hair AKA me.