Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cheap Thrills

Went to the local Salvation Army on the way to visiting my parents and picked up a few things.  I love the one that's by my parents because I don't think I've ever walked out of there empty handed.  There are always one or 2 unique things I pick up.  I have a shopping problem and it's a good way to satisfy the need to shop without going broke.

First up is this top for $6 which looks plain jane but check out the back.  That's what I am talking about.... 

This purse is something I can use for special occasions or as a regular day to day purse seeing as how it still has straps.  This cost me a whopping $3.

Le Chateau Dress that I can wear to weddings or with a cardigan and leggings in the winter.  $6

Winter jacket that was half off for $10.  I like that there's a belt to cinch the waist because I have big hips, I find if my waist is not cinched, then I look like a big blob.

Finally, miscellaneous yarn ranging from $1-$2.  I want to knit a scarf again but don't want to spend $20 buying yarn from the store.  For that price, I might as well just buy a scarf from the store.

  Total spent: $33.95.  Not too shabby.