Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Tube

I am watching some Maury Provich right now. Trashy TV is a guilty pleasure. I remember when I was a young'n and I got to stay home because I was sick, I'd spend the day watching lots of talk shows and The Price Is Right. Remember the days of Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Maury Provich and Jerry Springer (but only if my mom wasn't around). Feels a little nostalgic watching it. The topic of the day is sexy makeovers titled Bringing Sexy Back. I love cheesy titles! Ooh, basically everybody is turned into a stripper.

In other t.v. news, has anybody tried to watch Law & Order UK? It's frustrating because I have a hard time following the accent. I'll stick to my Law & Order SVU thank you very much.

What is everybody watching now that most of their t.v. shows are on hiatus. I find I am hardly watching much t.v. now except for the occasional Canada's Next Top Model.