Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jojoba oil

I was doing a little organizing of my under sink counter yesterday and found an almost full bottle of Jojoba oil I had bought with the intention of using it on my face. Well it broke my face out a little so it's been sitting under my sink ever since.

I don't want to throw out an almost full bottle out so I've been using using it instead in my hair and to remove mascara. I put it into my hair for a few hours before washing it to condition the hair & I think it's working! Normally my hair gets uber dry during the summer and it's been looking OK so far. Removing mascara is great too because I typically struggle trying to remove it and always end up loosing a lash in the process but with the oil there's been far less casualties.


Anonymous said...

nice! way to use what you already had on hand :)